AutoDesSys bonzai3d v2.3.0.7768 fileserve

AutoDesSys bonzai3d v2.3.0.7768
AutoDesSys bonzai3d v2.3.0.7768 | 214 MB
Bonzai3D - a compact package for 3D-modeling with an intuitive interface, rich functionality and enhanced compatibility with many standards, 3D-graphics. It is thanks to technology embodied in the interface Bonzai3D, a user with any level of training in modeling, will be able to quickly and literally "on the fly" conceived to create a 3d-model, and then take the time to meticulous detail.

Among the main features supported it should be noted extensive support for boolean-operation, NURBS-spline modeling, the ability to create "3D-drafts (sketches).
The process of constructing three-dimensional model in Bonzai3d can be divided into two parts. The user first using the "geometric approach" creates a basic model to which only later adds details, changes some of its elements, imposes textures, etc.
Thus on the one hand the user will receive a friendly interface and logical structure of the instruments and on the other - can create objects made with professional quality.
Rate of action of this marketing rhetoric we have not succeeded (at least, because we are not nearly as good at 3D-modeling, as we would like ;-(), so we are pleased to feedback from our readers.
Last August, SIGGRAPH attendees got a glimpse of bonzai3d, a new 3D modeler from AutoDesSys. The new product was touted as a lighter, smaller version of formZ, a well-known NURBS modeler * from the same company. In the announcement, AutoDesSys described bonzai3d as "an offspring of formZ" and a "3D modeler developed to fill in the demand for a quick, easy, simple but, most importantly, geometrically robust approach to 3D."
This May, at AIA Convention (Moscone Center, San Francisco, California), AutoDesSys' founder and CEO Chris Yessios began handing out DVDs containing the beta release of bonzai3d. So I picked up one. It was literally a very small program. Without the materials and content library, the program folder was a mere 150 MB.
AutoDesSys' new modeling package bonzai3d comes with a rich set of Spline editing tools that let you generate imaginative shapes and surfaces.
Nevertheless, the software works like a robust 3D package, with ample NURBS editing tools to produce complex geometric shapes and surfaces. It comes with a menu specific to architecture (walls, windows, and staircases that you can drag, drop, and resize, for example), but because of its ability to produce sweeping profiles, it could easily be deployed for conceptualizing consumer goods.
The interface is quite intuitive. Without watching the tutorial videos, I was able to start using it by experimentation. It offers a good collection of export options, including DWG, DXF, KMZ, 3D Studio, LightWave, and OBJ. The software had a few hiccups when I attempted to apply the Round or Taper command on some surfaces with odd profiles, but I expect these issues to go away when the code matures. You can try it out for yourself by downloading it from
[Note: According to AutoDesSys, form.Z and bonzai3d are NURBS modelers, but can also do much more. Alexandra Yessios, the company's VP of marketing, said, "They have multiple personalities, including NURBS ... While we do as much as Rhino does with NURBS, we do more types of modeling: facetted, smooth, subdivisions, metaballs, coons patches , etc. (the latter three in form.Z only). "]
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