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Immunet Protect is a basic, cloud-based anti-virus software, designed to work alongside Norton, AVG, McAfee and Microsoft Security Essentials for improved detection rates. Immunet Protect collects security judgments on what is, and what is not safe from its community. These aggregated judgments are combined in the cloud, and made available to the rest of the Immunet Community immediately. This enables you to be protected from a newly emerged threat even if your main anti-virus software fails to detect it. The free version has most of the advanced features disabled and provides only basic protection.

The effectiveness of this product has been certified by these independent labs: WestCoast Labs FREE Antivirus for Everyone: Immunet protects the people you care about for free. Add people to the Immunet Community and help make the Web safer.

Fast Antivirus: Immunet leverages the speed of cloud computing to deliver real-time protection to your PC

Light Antivirus: Immunet is up to 35 times lighter than traditional antivirus solutions

Real-time Antivirus: Immunet provides cloud-based protection that is always up-to-date against viruses, spyware, bots, worms, trojans, and keyloggers without slowing down your PC. No need to download any virus signature files!

Companion Antivirus: Immunet is compatible with existing antivirus products to help protect you better. Add an extra, lightweight layer of protection for free

Community Antivirus: Immunet's Collective Immunity™ technology protects all users the instant that a virus is detected on one PC

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