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The follicularly challenged amongst us might be inclined to view Rahul Aggarwal, director and leading man of Na Ghar Ke Na Ghaat Ke, with more empathy than he deserves. Here, finally , is a protagonist not some supine sidekick whose dome is depleting rapidly , and who will resort to neither hairpiece nor hat. He's balding, and there's nothing he can do about it, and he'll court neither sympathy nor smirks. He just goes about his business like any other man on the street -the chap with the ripening paunch, say , or his cohort with the hirsute man-breasts.We've gotten to such a point in our films -our Hindi films, at any rate -where we worship the waxed and the wonderful that there doesn't seem any possible space for an unheroic hero like Amol Palekar, him of the hawk nose and the hesitant gait, who carried film after successful film on his underdeveloped deltoids.It is, therefore, genuine cause for celebration when the reflector lights bounce off Aggarwal's shiny forehead, as he makes his appearance as Devki Nandan Tripathi.Unfortunately, shared genetic connections can only take one so far in the enjoyment of a movie.After the initial burst of recognition, we need a story to care about built on characters worth following around and this genial televisionlevel skit (imagine the feel of Piya Ka Ghar routed through the sensibilities of Hrishikesh Mukherjee by way of Priyadarshan) is too slight to amount to anything. Devki hails from a nondescript village where the walls advertise impotence cures through a single pill and whose elders stash their money inside their underwear, thus necessitating the unloosening of pyjama drawstrings whenever cash is required.

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