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Softmaker Office 2010 27-11
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SoftMaker Office - office suite. It is composed of TextMaker and PlanMaker, allowing to work with files directly from Microsoft Excel and Word, without conversion and with full data. Application TextMaker is practically a complete analog desktop Word, has features such as multi-lingual spell checker, create footnotes and comments, tables, supporting calculations, tools for creating forms, the story changes and comments appear in Word 2003, and much more. PlanMaker provides an opportunity to work with spreadsheets on a PDA, there is more than 320 internal computing functions, support for complex numbers and array processing, named ranges and processing module for creating various diagrams and charts, it can display all sorts of charts built into Microsoft Excel.

Features TextMaker:
- Exchange files with native TextMaker for Windows, TextMaker for Linux
- Exchange of documents TextMaker with Microsoft Word 6.0, 95, 97, 2000, Word XP, Word 2003
- Can work with a large number of additional formats - HTML, RTF, Pocket Word, ASCII, Unicode
- Built-in file manager
- Virtually unlimited undo / redo
- Search and replace text and formatting
- Support for tables
- Sorting tables and text
- Calculations in the text and tables
- Underlined
- Work with fields such as date, time, page, author, auto numbering
- Inserting special characters
- Bookmarks
- Text custom shortcuts - write short, we have a long phrase
- TextMaker works with forms - text fields, jackdaws, lists, calculations, etc.
- Formatting characters and paragraphs, as in "adult" editors
- Header and footer, translucent backgrounds on each page
- Styles
- Inserting images into documents TextMaker BMP, 2BP, TIFF, PCX, GIF, JPEG, TGA, PNG, PhotoCD, IFF, IMG, PBM, PPM, PGM
- Inserting images
- Inserting text fields, images, etc.
- Check spelling in many languages (not Russian)
- Generate table of contents, indexes
- Footnotes
- Built-in TextMaker dBase-compatible database
- Data Encryption
- Fully customizable keyboard and control panel
- More
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