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ScanSpyware - a program that will detect and remove spyware from your computer modules, embedded in the browser panel, various tracers and any other rubbish that can penetrate into your computer when using the Internet. Recommended for use if: you have a new unknown button or bar in your browser, dramatically increased the number of popup windows and advertising in view of different sites, your home page in the browser has changed without your knowledge, your search engine was changed, the computer or Internet speed declined sharply; you find on your computer unknown to you the program, place the disk begins to fall for no apparent reason, your modem periodically connects you to the network. These problems will help you cope Scan Spyware.

ScanSpyware removes spyware, adware and other malicious programs safely from your PC offering you a fast and smooth web surfing with a complete protection to your privacy. ScanSpyware comes with life time spyware database updates. The trial version is equipped with a complete and very powerful Scan Engine, which is capable of generating a detailed log file containing information about infected files and registry entries.

ScanSpyware protects you from:
»Indentity Thieves
»Tracking Threats

Feature List
»Fastest Scan Engine
»Powerful Removal
»Boot Time Removal
»Automatic Log Creation
»Quarantine / Restore
»Embedded Threat Submission Form
»Embedded System Analysis Tool
»Embedded Malware Search Tool
»Automatic Updates

Operating system: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7
Year: 2010
Language: Eng
Medicine: Serial

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Password :
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