Sonu Nigam sings for Akki and Katrina

This has to be a record of sorts. Sonu Nigam has sung in 54 voices for the title track of Farah Khan’s forthcoming film Tees Maar Khan. The singer has managed to sing in the voices of lead stars Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif as well.

Says a source, “Sonu has sung in Chinese, Indian and operatic voices as well as 10 different male voices and 15 different female voices for the chorus, not to mention the voices of the lead actors in the song. With the title track, Sonu has proved his versatility. Speaking at an award function, Sonu said singing in 54 voices “was not easy. Maintaining a consistency in the pitch and tone of a voice which is not yours is a tedious process,” he added.

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